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To register as a volunteer,dont hesitate to send an email with motivation to:


You can read general information below.


The “Vakantiebos” at Don Bosco Rijswijk:

From 13 to 30 August 2019.

Is for all children from the neighborhood.

You do not need to register in advance.

The activities are (except in the 1st week) from Monday to Friday.

We start at 9.45 am, come on time! We end at 3.15 p.m.

Pay attention! The program lasts until 12.15 on Friday

You can buy tickets at the ticket desk from 9.15 am. The cash register closes at 9:45 a.m., then participating is not possible.

For whom?

The “Vakantiebos” is for children from 4 to 16 years old. They are divided into the following age categories:


  • 4 – 6 years
  • 7 – 8 years
  • 9 – 10 years
  • 11 – 12 years
  • 13 – 16 years


The children stay every day (except Friday) at noon on Don Bosco. So always give them a lunch package including drinks. Of course, the lunch package may also contain a (responsible) candy, but preferably as little as possible. Giving money is not allowed, nothing is sold to the children during the “Vakantiebos”. A little money may be given during the excursion, but in moderation!


During the “Vakantiebos”it is very possible that your child will get dirty or wet. Always ensure that your child is wearing clothes that can get dirty. It is also highly recommended to provide swimwear and spare clothing. Especially for children in the age group 4 – 6 it is advisable to give more clothing


Check? Check!

The time has come, I'm going to the “Vakantiebos”! Three weeks of games, crafts, sports, getting away and so much more! Let's see if I haven't forgotten anything! What am I wearing?
  • Yeah !!! All my clothes can get dirty!
  • Is it cold or is it warm? I always make sure that I am wearing the right clothes! My bag…
  • My food and drinks, very important!
  • My name card and my “strippenkaart”. Otherwise we have to go all the way back home!
  • My swimwear and a towel. Yes, when the weather is nice you never know!
  • Extra clothes, always handy!


Different than others

At Don Bosco we welcome everyone with open arms. Is your child a little crazy? Does your boundless energy bounce you in all directions? Does she find it difficult to make friends? Or do they feel a little different for another reason? Your children are also very welcome with us! We ask you to always report this to us when you register, so that we can take your children into account!

Children with a more severe disability can also participate in our program. It is advisable to contact us in advance about this. We have many years of experience in organizing fun activities, but we have no experience with special care. Yet we also want to give these children an unforgettable holiday. Do you have more questions about this? Please contact us


A photo moment

To make the Vakantiebos a great memory, the management takes photos every day.

Cool action photos, fun group photos or just spontaneous photos. There is a good chance that your child will also be captured in the photo. We regularly share these photos in the media and on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We hope that you will find it no problem that we make your child part of the Vakantiebos reminder. If you do not appreciate your child being photographed, you can indicate this in the morning during registration.  Being a child again. Do you know that?

Do you hear all those fun stories from your child about what he has done and are you secretly a little jealous? We know that at least! That is why we organize an activity morning for the parents 1 day per summer. What exactly we are going to do is just a surprise. It will certainly be old-fashioned fun. More information about this morning can be obtained from Spela (coordinator 11 – 12)

For the program click HERE

You can see the programs of all age categories starting at page 10


You can register every day. You must first get a name card from the cash register. It contains the personal details of your child. Each group has its own color name card. However, this is not yet proof of participation. This requires the 5-day pass, the day pass, the All-in-1 pass or the excursion pass. The child then registers at the table of his own group.

The presale is on Monday 12 August from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Normal ticket sales are daily from 9:15 AM to 9:45 AM during the Vakantiebos. So come on time, because the cash register really closes at 9:45 am!



Price list:

  • Day ticket € 4
  • 5-day ticket € 15.00
  • Excursion ticket € 12.50 (start of sale: Monday, August 19)
  • All in 1-kaart  à € 45,-

We do not have a discount for people with an “Stork Pass”  


All in 1 card

The All in 1 card is for our most trusted children, the super fans and the diehards. Do you know on day 1 that you will come to the Vakantiebos for the rest of the weeks? Then the All in 1 card is for you! The All-in-1 card costs 45 euros once and means that you can participate in all three weeks at the Vakantiebos and everything that goes with it. The All in 1 card is only available on the first Monday and Tuesday. You no longer pay separately for an excursion or disco, because that is … All in 1. Only the camp of 13 – 15 falls outside the All in 1.

Do you choose not to come for a day? No money is returned on the All in 1 card.

Job Offers Holiday “Vakantiebos 2019”


Do you want to be part of the coolest project with children? We are looking for enthusiastic, crazy supervisors with a lot of energy for “Vakantiebos” 2019!

Are you available full time from 12 to 30 August?

Are you not averse to water, mud, paint and hard work?

Are you also participating in the preparation weekend on 18-19 May?

Do you want to dedicate yourself to giving more than 2000 children a nice holiday?…




Mail your resume and motivation to

and who knows, maybe you will be part of our international team soon


You must have wondered sometimes when you walked around our site: What are they going to do again? Give us a trash can, a tennis ball, a wig and a hoop; we make it an activity! There are, however, a number of things that we do not yet have, but would like to have.

That is why we have made our wish list.

Take a look at this list, because it can be that you can help us with one of those things. So manure that cupboard, broom the garage clean or clear the attic. Who knows, there might be something nice for us. And did you help us? Then your name will appear on our thank-you board and you will receive eternal fame! For more information, ask for Spela

The big Vakantiebos is possible thanks to:

Want us to organize your birthday party?

We offer a variation of cooking, handcrafts, disco, treasure hunt, facepaint or games.

Only possible on wednesdays or fridays after school.

€12,50 per child, including a decorated room, candy, chips and lemonade.

Contact to make a reservation

Cooking Club: 

You can register for the cooking club by requesting a form from Marlies at the office or via


What do you have to know about our Cooking Club?

  • It’s every Tuesday or Friday
  • Price is just 20€ a month
  • You are Boy or Girl? Doesn’t matter.
  • Age Group starts at 8
  • Time Schedule: 16:00 – 17:00 o clock.

Every Week we Cook different Types of Food. From sweet things to Spicy, from Baking to Boiling & Grilling. Every Week we have different Culinairy Food where you can explore the cooking world.

So dont wait to come here. Contact us.

We are looking forward to cook together with you !


Are you between 4 & 12 years old?

And do you want to do something fun on Wednesday afternoons?

Did you know:

  • the best games are organized for you every Wednesday ?!
  • our interns and volunteers make it a super fun afternoon with you ?!
  • you can take all your nieces, nephews, neighbors, boyfriends and girlfriends with you ?!
  • we start at 1:30 pm. So come on time!
  • we stop at 3:30 pm
  • and it only costs 1 euro

Greetings from Team Don Bosco


In the small holidays we are there:

  • • 22/23/24 October 2019
  • 25/26/27 February 2020
  • 28/29/30 April 2020

Group layout

We divide the children into 4 groups:• 4-6 years• 7-8 years• 9-12 years• 13+ years

Sign Up

No registration is required; You buy a ticket at the kassa between 9:15 am and 9:45 am and register your child with the relevant age group.

Do you want to contribute?

Our bank account number is:

NL35INGB0005825598 Don Bosco Rijswijk

Or take a look at the wish list for the things we need!