What is Club Don Bosco?

Club Don Bosco is a place where children can be themselves, make friends and play in a free setting. Our centre is located in a green area and our audience is multicultural. Club Don Bosco is an after school day care, which means that we are opened Monday until Friday after school, on extra free days decided by school and during the holidays. We pick up your child from school, provide them a healthy snack and drink. Besides that we try to motivate your child to join one of our many activities.

What makes Club Don Bosco unique?

One of our keywords is freedom. Your child plays in a green area with other children of their age. We give them the opportunity to try new things, make friends and unleash their energy after a long day at school. Our qualified employees are supported by interns and volunteers that are trained and educated by our Don Bosco employees. This makes us a colourful mix of people and their talents. We make children happy with our activities for over 60 years.

What are Don Bosco’s standards?

Don Bosco Rijswijk believes in prevention: if you challenge children in a positive way and stimulate them, they will be motivated to behave positive. Some of our standard values are: presence, somebody that listens, reasonableness, have a conversation, stimulate, responsibility, trust and providing space.

What does this mean?

We give our children endless possibilities but clear boundaries as well. Everybody is equal and everybody is welcome. How does this show? Well, take a good look around. Our children as well as our leaders are a beautiful mix of cultures and sizes. Whether you are tall, small, fat or thin; to us it makes no difference! We think it’s important that children have a choice: Do you want to join an activity, or do you rather just play? Club Don Bosco organises activities on a regular base and it’s up to the child if it joins. Some of our typical Don Bosco-activities are: an autumn-walk through the forest, a dino-treasure hunt, baking cakes, making a musical or a table soccer-tournament. Children should enjoy themselves and be relaxed. Combine this with a save environment and you have the recipe for a typical day at Don Bosco.

Club Don Bosco is officially registered at Landelijk Register Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen. If you can apply for an allowance, you can visite www.belastingdienst.nl/toeslagen to get an concept calculation of what will be the costs if your child comes to Club Don Bosco.

Good to know

We have a profitable rate, namely 6 euros per hour, no matter what amount of hours your child comes to our day care. Extra days decided by school and national feast days are included in our calculation. It’s possible to change days during school weeks, as long as it meets our conditions. Club Don Bosco’s schedule is based on the schedule of your school so make sure you check the calendar regularly. We are closed on national feast days, but this is included in our calculation.

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Club Don Bosco’s standard rate is 6 euro per hour. We made a small summary of possibilities and prices in the schedule below. We are more than happy to make a personal calculation for you.


Amount of hours per month. Free days, national feast days and Free days decided by school are included in this calculation.*
  Amount of hours Costs
Monday 11 € 66
Tuesday 11 € 66
Wednesday 22 € 132
Thursday 11 € 66
Friday 11 € 66

*This is an example based on the opening hours of Mariaschool. Their children are free at 3.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday they are free at 12.15 pm.


We are opened during the schoolholidays as well. On these days we are opened from 8.30 am until 6.30 pm. On 26 days of the year we organise Vakantiebos: a day full of activities with a special theme. During these days your child participate in the activities, and you pay a different rate. You can contact us for more information about the holidays.


Do you want to know what daycare at Club Don Bosco will cost you? You can send an e-mail to club@donboscorijswijk.nl with the following data:

  • Which school is your child attending?
  • On which days would you like to have day care?
  • Do you want day care during the holidays as well?
  • How many weeks of the year do you want day care?*

* Do you want your child to come all weeks of the year? In this case the amount is 52 weeks. Do you take four weeks off from work? In that case the amount is 48 weeks. Do you only want day care during schoolweeks? In that case the amount is 40 weeks.

It’s also possible to make use of our day care incidentally. In that case we can offer you a flex-contract. We will pick up your child on the days that you informed us about in advance. You will receive a bill at the end of the month containing the amount of hours your child came to Club Don Bosco.

Here you can find more inormation about Club Don Bosco. All documents are in Dutch


You can find a copy of the inspectionrapport made by GGD on the website of LKRP

For more information you can contact us during office hours

Mail-  and visiting address
Julialaantje 26
2283TB Rijswijk
General telephone number: 070 – 336 70 70

Contact Club Don Bosco: Martijn Cuppen
E-mail: club@donboscorijswijk.nl
Telephone: 06 – 28605151 (attainable on opening hours Club Don Bosco)

Contact overblijf: Spela Boznar
For questions about contracts, payments or payment arrangements
E-mail: administratie@donboscorijswijk.nl

For questions about activities or particularities about your child
E-mail: spela@donboscorijswijk.nl
Telephone: 06 – 21593907