Don Bosco Rijswijk, located in the unique green location in Den Burgh estate at the Julialaantje 26 in Rijswijk, has venues for rental. The venues are sized from 45 to 400 m² and can be equipped with various furniture or accessories. Therefore we offer a sport room, canteen with bar, theater room with stage and light system, dancing room and room for musicians. All rooms can be rented for activities in the field of culture, welfare and care, carried out by associations, non-profit organizations or small independents. Think of rehearsals and performances, training, teambuilding or celebrating a joyful event.

All the venues/rooms is located on the ground floor. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. In addition to the very wide possibilities within us, we also have a very spacious green outdoor area with many possibilities (including a very spacious football field). These possibilities are suitable for a variety of activities in the field of sports, games, relaxation and adventure. Are you interested in renting our rooms or venues?

Let us know via email or phone call: , 070-3367070


The canteen with bar is suitable for a family reunion, conference, small wedding, or just a party. The room is also equipped with a bar and a glass corridor (serre) for use as a buffet or lounge. Ideal for formal and informal events.

• PERMITTED USE OF: coffee machine, refrigerators, kettle, microwave, tables and chairs.

• CAPACITY: 150 pers. for standing reception

• AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available by the week / weekend)

*You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks.





This room can be used for large events (wedding, etc. or all kinds of sports activities) up to 150 guests (and in combination with theater room up to max. 300 guests). Therefore is here is the possibility to connect the sport room with a theater room where your 300 guests can enjoy enough space to eat and dance through the evening at stage with your band / DJ. The rooms together have a total floor area of 350 m² and a free height of four meters. The room has two changing rooms with shower facilities and a mirror wall that is ideal for large dance groups.

• PERMITTED USE OF: party refrigerator, bar table, buffet table, tables and chairs.

• CAPACITY: 150 / 300pers. for standing reception.

• AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available by the week / weekend)

*You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

Space with beautiful THEATER atmosphere and large stage (8x5m) is suitable for symposiums, parties, church services, meetings, theater groups and private performances. There is possibility to combine the room with the sport room. Also suitable for presentations, meetings, lectures, trainings and workshops.

  • CAPACITY: 100pers. for standing reception, for example
  • • AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available by the week / weekend)

*You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks.


Do you have a big passion for dance or do you want to create your own dance course? The dance studio is then ideal for dance workshops and dance classes. The room has a floor area of 55m²

  • PERMITTED USE OF: sound system, mirror wall, carpet corridor, disco / atmosphere lamp
  •  AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available in the week / weekend, from morning to the evening)

Lokaal 2

Beautiful room (approx. 80m2) for lessons, meetings, small parties or family encounters. It is located on the east side of the youth center and has its own (outdoor) entrance. The lawn or forest is therefore easily accessible.

  • PERMITTED USE OF: party refrigerator, bar table, tables and chairs.
  • CAPACITY: 50pers.
  • AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available by the week / weekend)


Our kitchen can be rented for example for a cooking workshop, to prepare you for a big catering job, or to bake pancakes at your birthday party. The kitchen has a fridge, freezer, microwave, deep fryers, hot water, 4 ovens, a four-burner gas stove and sink. There are also pans, oven dishes, etc. Ingredients, of course, take your own!

PERMITTED USE OF: refrigerator, gas points, stove, frying pans.

AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available by the week / weekend)


Football field

Are you searching for outside sport place? Competitions, trainings, tournaments, sports days can be held with us. Many companies, schools, scouting as well as private promoters and football teams are increasingly finding their way to Don Bosco for a “healthy and sporty” meeting. Dimensions of the sports field are: 50x70m. There are two changing rooms with shower facilities available.

AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available by the week / weekend)

Would you like to make music and you are looking for a suitable music space for your band or group? The rehearsal room is 30 m2 and does NOT have the music equipment. Individual musicians can also rent the rooms per hour during the week or weekends.

AVAILABILITY: Depending on the current occupation. (Available by the week / weekend)



Venue/room Size  Price (per hour) DAYPART (4 uur) HALFDAY (12 uur)
Canteen with bar 138 m² + 13 m² € 85,= € 320,= € 600,=
Sportroom 220 m² € 85,= € 320,= € 600,=
Theater room + stage 177 m² + 83 m² € 85,= € 320,= € 600,=
Lokaal 2 (meeting room) 80 m² € 55,= € 200,= € 400,=
Kitchen (equiped) 48 m² € 30,= € 60,= € 80,=
Music room 30 m² € 15,=
Dance room 45m2 € 45,=
Sport field 4800 m² € 70,=


  • All rentals have to go together with vision and mission of Don Bosco. This means that activities that do not correspond with our objective can be refused.
  • • A rental agreement is concluded after written confirmation by e-mail or signing of the lease by Don Bosco Rijswijk and tenant.
  • • These rental conditions are part of the concluded rental agreement.
  • • For occasional rentals, a deposit (Borg) of 25% of the rent is required with a minimum of 100 EUR and a maximum of 300 EUR.
  • • The tenant undertakes to leave the space (s) in the state as found at the start of the use.
  • • The tenant undertakes to leave the premises clean and clean.
  • • Garbage must be left in bags in the specific container. With a full container, an alternative is sought in agreement with the manager (Beheerder).
  • • The tenant is liable for all damage to the space (s) and the present therein. Damage will be recovered from the tenant.
  • • The tenant will check the space (s) in advance for any defects or damage.
  • • The landlord is not liable for destruction or loss of personal property or property of the foundation / association.
  • • The tenant is not allowed to use or sublet the space (s) to third parties.
  • • The tenant will comply with the house rules. The house rules are visibly hung in the hall.
  • • The maximum end time is 24.00 hours. Everyone must have left the premises no later than 1.00 am, unless deviating agreements are made about this.
  • • Cancellations must be reported to the manager by mail or in writing, with the postmark being the cancellation date in the latter case.
  • • The following cancellation costs apply to cancellations:

– Three weeks in advance: 50% of the rent. – Two weeks in advance: 70% of the rent. – One week or less in advance: 100% of the rent.

• Activities by the tenant that are necessary for the construction, furnishing and / or decoration or testing of equipment can be done earlier in consultation with a very high exception.

• The fitting of decorations and places of decor pieces is only allowed in consultation with the landlord/manager.

• The use of open fire, burning candles, spray cans and fireworks (including stars) is strictly forbidden.

• Smoking is not permitted in the entire building.


All rooms are situated on the ground floor so easily accessible for everyone. There is also a spacious toilet for guests with limited moving conditions. AED present: An automatic external defibrillator is a portable device that is used to resuscitate a person with a circulatory arrest.

Aantal Omschrijving Opmerking Prijs per stuk


LONG tables

LONG tables





14 SMALL tables 75x75cm Gratis
6 ROUND tables Ø 150 cm Ussualy with 6 or 7chairs Gratis
12 ROUND high table Ø 80 cm Bar hoogte; gebruik zonder bar stoel 5 euro
10 PICNIC table 200x60cm Meestal gebruikt voor buffet, markt, etc. Gratis



Jumping castle (5x5x5)



Op locatie: Bovenzaal of buiten terrein Don Bosco


60 euro



The tenant undertakes to leave the space (s) in the state as found at the beginning of the use. By clean we mean:

• Leave floor broom clean;

• Tables and chairs back to where you found them;

• Remove all decorations;

• Garbage, boxes, packaging, etc. in plastic bags

• Deliver kitchen clean as you have found it


POSSIBILITY: Our staff can also clean after your party. We charge 60EUR for cleaning services.

Are you interested in our venues/rooms? please contact us and make an appointment with us Via the telephone: 06-28605152 or 070-3367070

Via the email: (Monday-9:00-18:00, Tuesday until Friday –9:00-15:00 )