Stay over with Don Bosco

From the Mariaschool there is the possibility of leaving children at noon. The remainder is arranged by skilled workers and volunteers from the Don Bosco center.

Don Bosco is proud of the service it offers. We continue to provide daycare with the most varied range of activities, such as the weekly werewolves, crafts, talent hunt and the football tournament.


You can bring your own bread or opt for the lunch service. If you choose this, your child will receive sandwiches with savory or sweet toppings. The first sandwich is always with savory toppings, after which your child may opt for sweet. We aim to let every child eat at least two sandwiches and offer milk, apple juice and orange juice every day. In addition, we offer fruit or something tasty on a daily basis and we occasionally surprise with toast or pancakes.

What makes Don Bosco unique?

One of our keywords is freedom. Your child plays in a green area with other children of their age. We give them the opportunity to try new things, make friends and unleash their energy. Our qualified employees are supported by interns and volunteers that are trained and educated by our Don Bosco employees. This makes us a colourful mix of people and their talents. We make children happy with our activities for over 60 years.

What are Don Bosco’s standards?

Don Bosco Rijswijk believes in prevention: if you challenge children in a positive way and stimulate them, they will be motivated to behave positive. Some of our standard values are: presence, somebody that listens, reasonableness, have a conversation, stimulate, responsibility, trust and providing space.


If your child attends Mariaschool, you can also choose this school year again to leave your child with or without a well-cared-for lunch.

All costs are divided per year into five invoice moments (September, November, January, March and May). For permanent remnants you must enter into an agreement for the days on which your child remains. You can get this contract through our administration or at school. If you want to terminate the contract with, this must be done in writing. The cancellation period is one month. There is also the option of remaining a “single” time. For this you can buy a strippenkaart (5x remaining) at € 17.00.


The costs for the permanent remnants excluding lunch, payment is only possible by direct debit.

  • We collect 5 times a year
  • 1 day per week € 117.00 per year € 23.40 per period
  • 2 days per week € 234.00 per year € 46.80 per period
  • 3 days a week € 351.00 per year € 70.20 per period
  • 4 days a week € 468.00 per year € 93.60 per period



The costs for the permanent remnants including lunch, payment is only possible by direct debit.

We collect 5 times a year

  • 1 day per week € 155 per year € 31 per period
  • 2 days per week € 310 per year € 62 per period
  • 3 days a week € 465 a year € 93 a period
  • 4 days per week € 620 per year € 124 per period


The following division applies to parents who leave several children:

  • For the first child, a parent pays 100% of the above amount;
  • For the second child, a parent pays 75% of the above amount;
  • For the third child, a parent pays 50% of the above amount;
  • For the fourth child, a parent pays 25% of the aforementioned amount

For more information you can contact us during office hours.

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Contact person afterschool care: Spela Boznar

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