Don Bosco Rijswijk
Sports, cooking, dancing or theater? Every day is what to do! Every day we have an activity offer, during holidays and during school weeks.
Don Bosco Rijswijk

The reception is for all primary school children. We are open after school, during holidays and during study days.

Don Bosco Rijswijk
Rent a hall for a birthday party, reception, meeting, wedding… or are you looking for a permanent place for your (youth) activity?

Don Bosco Rijswijk Foundation

Multi-Cultural Youth Centre
Rijswijk  The Hague

Youth Activities

School Care

Hall Rental

Winner ‘Kans Inspiratieprijs’:

Don Bosco Rijswijk

July 2, 2018
“During a packed and sunlit KRO-NCRV Inspiration Day, we announced the winner of the Kans Inspiratieprijs, the first prize went to Don Bosco Rijswijk, an initiative where children with and without disabilities play together with children from the nearby asylum seekers center. By this unique combination, prejudices are taken away and respect for each other is central.”  – kansfonds [bron]


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