Don Bosco Rijswijk – a Multicultural Youth Center with youth activities, ‘in’-school care (TSO/BSO), and room rental – aimed at Rijswijk and The Hague. With activities during school holidays, and the ‘Vakantiebos’ during the big school holiday. The center has many indoor and outdoor facilities, making it very suitable for youth, groups, and family celebrations.



Don Bosco’s way of working with young people is known as the ‘preventive pedagogical system’. It can be summarized on the basis of a few key concepts. Presence is the core of it. Not to ‘check’ young people but to ‘be there’ and build a relationship with them.

Love is the binding element in the system. Young people must feel that attention is being paid to them ‘from the inside’. Dialogue means that the method is not one-way traffic. By entering into a dialogue, young people feel taken seriously and are more motivated to take responsibility – a fourth key concept – for themselves and for others. Encouraging means that young people come to discover and further develop their own possibilities.

Don Bosco took trust for granted. Instead of treating young people as immature and unselfish, he gave them his confidence to develop. After all, growing people need space, literally and figuratively: to play, to experiment, but also to make mistakes and to restore them.